Art by Lauren Blair

You are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Do you know what that means? It means you are committed to Jesus (after all, the church is “of Jesus Christ”).

Committed: a definition

Being committed means to turn to someone, hold out your hand to them and say “I am not perfect, but I will be true to you. And when I make a mistake or let you down, I will come back to you and I will try again. And I will always try, because you matter to me.”

You are committed to try your best to be good and kind because Jesus is good and kind, and he is happiest when you are trying to be good and kind like he is. It means that when you are not good and kind (because you will forget and mess up sometimes), you will turn back to Jesus, hold up your arms and say “Help me!” so that he can help you try again.

But it also means you are committed to people (after all, the church is “of Latter-day Saints”). That’s why we usually go to church with other people, and learn about Jesus with other people, because we are committed to them, and you are all committed to Jesus. Sometimes being committed is easy. Sometimes, it’s harder. Sometimes you might not get along with other people, and maybe you don’t want to spend time with them. But that’s the thing about being committed: it means you keep going back, and keep trying, and you use Jesus’s help to care about people, love people, and be good and kind to people like he is good and kind to them.

This week, we’re going to meet with the people around the whole world who have decided to commit to Jesus Christ and to each other. The meeting is called General Conference. The General Conference will be a little strange this time, because we won’t actually see that many other people. The buildings will be empty, and there won’t be a big choir singing beautiful music. But people everywhere, from Utah to Uganda will be sitting in their homes learning about Jesus, and committing to follow him better, and committing to love each other better. And that is the beautiful story of this church—it helps us see that we are never alone. There is a whole planet of people committed to helping each other every day, every second of every day, as best as we all are able.

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